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Beetroot Detroit

$3.30 inc GST
  • Pack contains 2 grams seeds
  • Compatible with: Onions, Silverbeet, Lettuce, Cabbage, Dwarf Beans, Dill, Peas. Strawberries
  • Avoid growing with: Asparagus, Carrots, Sweetcorn, Spinach

Soak seeds in water 24 hours before planting so that you can separate the seeds.

Thinning is nearly always required as seedlings emerge from a seedball of several seeds.

If you don't thin them, you will get a number of rather pathetic plants which don't grow to an edible size. 

Tolerates light frost.

Keep well-watered as a dry beetroot will develop a woody and inedible core.

For tasty and tender beetroot, start harvesting at golfball-size.