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Daffodil Yellow Blaze (Narcissus) pre pack x 3

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Daffodils are strong, hardy and reliable, producing beautiful flowers in spring they make a fantastic addition to any garden.

POSITION: Full sun to part shade.

SOIL: Daffodils are not as fussy as other bulbs but they do appreciate well drained fertile soil that has had some manure blood and bone or complete fertiliser dug through one month prior to planting.

PLANTING: Daffodils can be planted from February to May at a depth of 12cm and a spacing of 15cm. Daffodils may be planted closer and shallower when being planted in pots but should be put in the ground after one season.

WATER: Water in well after planting.

FERTILISING: Daffodils appreciate a complete fertiliser when the leaves come through the ground. Top dress with some blood and bone after flowering if leaving in the ground.

LONGEVITY: Bulbs can be left in the ground or can be dug up after the foliage has died right down and stored in a cool dark well aerated place until time to plant again.